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    Generic PTFE vents
    V10206WTM Waterproof and Venting membranes

    The series product is made using a special process of PTFE high micro-porous membrane with excellent hydro-oleophobicity, chemical resistance and stable permeability, can be widely applied on various products that have the waterproof, dustproof, venting, damping, radiating and filtering equipment.


    ● Transportation of all kinds of lamps and electronic parts.
    ● Outdoor electronics, electrical, and lighting equipment
    ● Water, dustproof, and electronic products.
    ● Other sealing devices with the requirement of pressure balancing

    Specifications & Sizes
    Specifications Method V10206WTM
    Airflow For more details, please contact us
    IP Rating IEC 60529 IP65、67、68
    Temp. range - -40°C ~120°C
    Standard Sizes ID x OD Part NO
    ∮3.5x7.5mm A-V10206WTM-0307
    ∮5.5x10.0mm A-V10206WTM-0510
    ∮6.0x12.0mm A-V10206WTM-0612