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    V10 series PTFE Waterproof and venting membranes
    PTFE membranes

    V10 series products use the highly micro-porous PTFE membrane made by special process, with excellent hydro-oleophobicity, chemical resistance, high-temperature resistance, and stable permeability. They can be widely applied on various products that have the waterproof, dustproof, venting, damping, radiating and filtering requirements.


    ● Various lights and electronic parts of the transportation vehicles
    ● Outdoor electronic, electric and lighting devices
    ● Waterproof and dustproof electronics
    ● Tissue culture bottles and boxes
    ● Gas and fluid filters
    ● Other devices with the requirement of pressure balancing


    ● Airflow : please contact us
    ● Water Entry Pressure : please contact us
    ● IP Rating : IP65、IP66、IP67、IP68
    ●Temperature Range : -40~260°C

    ※ IPX8 waterproof level of IEC 60529 is based on the continuous immersion in the water depth more than 1m for more than 1 hour, so the water depth and immersion time are user-defined upon the products requirements.
    IP Waterproof & Dustproof Level Test Report
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