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About Us

GREAT SUMMIT CO., LTD established in 1997 is dedicated to the application and development of various special membranes. Moreover, it develops and manufactures various products that meet the industrial requirements based on the market and customer demands. It has developed various waterproof, dustproof, ventilation, damper and filter products successively since 2000. The related components are widely applied in such fields as the electronics, computer, electric machine, automobile, green energy, biotechnology and medical care instruments. So far it has obtained the recognition and trust of renowned manufacturers in various industries in Taiwan, with which it has also built good cooperation. Over the past years, GREAT SUMMIT insists on the pursuit of quality excellence and values the integrity and service spirit as the development principle. It keeps improving the personnel quality and competency, so as to improve the international competitiveness. Also it upholds the operation philosophies of quality, integrity, profession, service and efficiency, providing the customer with the products that can meet the demands and the applicable laws and regulations.