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    waterproof, dustproof ventilation valves

    waterproof, dustproof ventilation valves
    The product combines the highly micro-porous PTFE membrane and injection plastics, which is specially designed for the electronics and electric devices exposed outdoors. It is mainly used to prevent the moisture, dust and other chemical crystals from entering the electronics and electric devices. Moreover, it applies the highly micro-porous characteristics of PTFE to discharge the pressure generated by the moisture and the excessive heat, so as to prevent the overlarge internal pressure aggregation to damage the sealing housing and internal electronic components. In this way, it can extend the service life of the devices.


    ● Special patented structure design can effectively block the invasion of moisture and dust.
    ● The highly micro-porous PTFE membrane can discharge the moisture and pressure quickly.
    ● Easy installation reduces the housing design and manufacturing cost.


    ● Outdoor electronics, electric devices, lighting devices, communications devices and LED traffic signs
    ● Various lighting devices, electric machines, and electronic components of the transportation vehicles
    ● Other devices with the requirement of pressure balancing

    Model IVD12X110 IVD12X168 IVD06X110 IVD06X168
    Housing Polyamide(PA66) Polyamide(PA66)
    Membrane PTFE Nylon PTFE Nylon
    Air flow rate 400ml/min 1,000ml/min 100ml/min 250ml/min
    WIP 3psi 2psi 3psi 2psi
    IP Rating IP 66,67,68,69k IP 65,67,68,69k IP 66,67,68,69k IP 65,67,68,69k
    Service Temp -40℃~120℃ -40℃~120℃
    Size M12*1.5 M6*0.75
    Color Black / White Black / White
    Flammability UL-94V0 UL-94V0
    ★ RoHS Reference to RoHS 2011/65/EU Annex II and amending Directive (EU) 2015/863
    ★ REACH SVHC candidate list based on the publication by European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)
    IP Waterproof & Dustproof Level Test Report Patent Certificate