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    V18 PTFE Waterproof and venting clothes
    V18  PTFE Water dust proof and venting clothes
    Product Features

    V18 series is made of High microporous of PTFE membrane and non-woven composite made of advanced materials, with excellent hydrophobicity, permeability, chemical resistance, and can be widely used in a variety of waterproof, dustproof, breathable, expel pressure, heat and filtration products.


    ●Waterproof and dustproof electronic products
    ● medical equipment
    ● Gas and liquid filters
    ● Other balanced pressure sealing equipment

    Product Specifications

    ●Membrane material : PTFE Membrane
    ● Substrate : PE、PET、P P Non-woven
    ● Pore Size : 0.2um、0.5um、1.0um、1.5um
    ● Thickness : 0.12~0.5mm
    ● Air flow rate : 0.3~2.5LPM /cm²
    ● W I P : 10 ~80 psi
    ● Temp. range: -20℃~125℃