• Dustproof and filtration mesh
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    Dustproof and filtration mesh
    dustproof and filtration mesh

        dustproof and filtration mesh
    ● Precise hole can filter the dust and acoustic wave in similar size.
    ● Excellent water repellency treatment can effectively prevent the water drops from leaking.
    ● Flexible specification can be customized upon the customer requirements on dimension, shape, sticking and tailoring.
    ● It can be combined with the plastic film to strengthen the intensity and make the products that meet your functional requirements.


    It is used for the dustproof and filtering of the countersink or radiating holes on various electronics, computer products, electric machines, inspection instruments, and lighting devices.

    Product Specification

    ● Material : PET
    ● Substrate : PET
    ● Pore Size : 20~150um
    ● Thickness : 0.05~0.15mm
    ● Temp. range :-20°C~120°C