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    VP10305MB Waterproof and venting liner

    VP10205MB products are synthesized with highly micro-porous PTFE membrane and PET film, with excellent temperature resistance, weather resistance and chemical resistance, with the aim to prevent the contamination of the tissue culture box from external microbes and dust. Moreover, it takes advantages of the characteristics of highly micro-porous PTFE membrane to make the gas in/out freely, flushing out the excessive pressure and moisture in the bottle. The highly micro-porous characteristics can provide stable permeability and block 99.99% bacteria effectively. The operation is much easier and faster than the cotton plug, and it supports high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization and repeated use.

    Product NO. Size
    Air flow
    W I P
    Temp. range
    A-VP10305MB-0742 7*42∮ 570 5 0.5 um -40~135
    A-VP10305MB-0542 5*42∮ 290 5 0.5 um -40~135
    A-VP10305MB-0326 3*26∮ 105 5 0.5 um -40~135